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Korean Buddhism in New York

As a religious organization though it is small, we would like to share with people our vision that has been nourished by Korean Buddhism that has a long and rich history. 


Since 1995

Jung Myung Sa is a Buddhist Temple affiliated to Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. Being located in Flushing, Queens, New York, it was founded by Ven. Gilsang for Korean immigrant Buddhists and other people living in New York.

1997 Relocation at the Current Place

Later, in order to better facilitate our practice, Jung Myung Sa was moved to the current location with the help of Master Chung-hwa sumin, who wrote the calligraphy of  the temple signboard, Jung Myung Sa (淨命寺).


Reopening in 2008

In completing Ven. Gilsang's 1000 days retreat and prayer, Jung Myung Sa was reopened with the new three stories modern building that was possible through helps and supports of Korean Buddhist community.


Until now, we have mainly focused on  Korean Buddhist community. In addition to this, we are currently looking forward to having our English services for American people and other immigrations. 

Our Community


Abbot - Ven. Doshine Sunim

Doshin Sunim is a Korean Buddhist monk, who came to Jung Myung Sa in 2010. After Ven. Gilsang Sunim who founded Jung Myung Sa, he has been the abbot and President of the temple since 2013. 

These days, he is often found fixing old vintage bikes. Do call me Doshine or Sunim instead of Ven. Doshine, which I am still not comfortable with. 


Shin, Joo-bong - Kitchen Master 

For the communal meal service that JMS provides after every Sunday Dharma service, Mrs. Shin has given her limitless time and devotion. 

She is always careful with choosing ingredients for cooking because she knows how important nourishing human body is for mind. Often, she brings fresh vegetables from the garden at her home for JMS congregation.


Jeon, Sanglakhang - Treasurer 

As a devoted Buddhist lady, Sanglakhang  Bosalnim is indispensable figure for Jung Myung Sa while taking care of so many things for the congregation. 

She might be the first person whom you run into when you visit Our temple.

Visting Us

  • Address: 162-11 Sanford Ave, Flushing, New York 11358

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