Am I one who is easy to correct?

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Respectful toward the Teacher,

Respectful toward the Dhamma,

deeply revering the Saṅgha,

respectful toward toward concentration, ardent,

deeply respectful toward the training;

cultivating good friends,

being easy to correct,

deferential and reverential:

scuh a one cannot fall away

but is close to nibbāna

Aṅguttara Nikaya 7:34


These are the seven qualities by which a practitioner cannot fall back. Often, I see solid and unbreakable stubbornness in me and I ask myself, “am I one who is easy to correct?

As soon as I hear from someone about my flaws, my mind reacts like “look who is talking?”

“Am I one who is easy to correct through others’ advice and caution?”

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